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About Proto-Cutter, Inc.

About Proto-Cutter, Inc. About Proto-Cutter, Inc.

Who is Proto-Cutter?

At Proto-Cutter, Inc. our business philosophy is simple and straightforward: Provide the highest quality coolant-feed reamers and the best customer service anywhere in the industry to maximize your productivity and achieve your lowest cost per hole.

We specialize in manufacturing carbide-tipped, solid carbide, and high speed steel coolant-feed reamers in standard and special designs for precision hole-finishing.

Standard cutting diameter tolerances are maintained within +.00015"/-.00015" unless otherwise specified.

In addition to our standard design right-hand spiral/right-hand cut reamers, we offer the following special flute configurations:

  • Straight flute
  • Left-hand spiral/right-hand cut
  • Left-hand spiral/left-hand cut

Our experienced sales engineers will work with you to determine the flute configuration that best meets your production requirements.

All of our reamers are manufactured to provide ease of set-up and operation. We can provide you with reamers capable of extended life, reamers that will produce an exceptionally high finish (minimizing the need for secondary operations), or a reamer which will give you a quality finish and provide you with long tool life. In addition, Proto-Cutter reamers eliminate chatter, and other problems associated with conventional reamers.

Proto-Cutter prides itself on our ability to help you custom design a coolant feed reamer that will solve your production problems. Our application engineers have over 10 years experience in helping our clients with their unique hole finishing requirements. We'll work hand-in-hand with you on that special project to turn your production problems into profits.

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Why choose Proto-Cutter?

Important reasons to select Proto-Cutter:

  • Quality Control - Proto-Cutter has a return rate of less than 1%. Your reamers are checked upon arrival and are inspected at least five times during the reconditioning process. A final quality inspection is performed before packaging.
  • Fast Turnaround - We usually recommend 1-2 weeks for completion depending on the type or reconditioning necessary. Faster completion times are attainable. Proto-Cutter has an on-time delivery record of 98%... which is consistently better than any of our competitors. That means less downtime for you, and more holes reamed per year.
  • Personal Service - Our application engineers are always looking for ways to improve the performance and extend the life of your tools. It's not unusual for us to pick up the phone and offer you advice about how to make your reamers more productive and cost-efficient.

    All Proto-Cutter reconditioning and service activities are designed to meet the highest standard of quality: yours.

    Remember, when you invest in a Proto-Cutter reamer, not only do you get a quality product, you get the personal and professional service which you deserve.

  • Eight important reasons why Proto-Cutter should be your source for coolant-feed reamers.(PDF Pdf file - 3.63 mb)

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Positve Rake Angle Coolant-feed reamers lubricate and cool the cutting edges and provide exceptional chip disposal, resulting in increased productivity, longer tool life and lower tool costs.

Superior product design features produce unsurpassed performance - Our reamers include established design features that minimize friction, harmonic chatter, and galling to increase the performance and extend the life of your reamers.

These design features include

  • Irregularly Spaced Flutes - This type of spacing provides superior cutting action and reduces harmonic chatter. The design of the spacing, in conjunction with the coolant-feed feature, allows the reamers to produce finishes that were formerly unattainable without secondary finishing operations.
  • Special Designed Profile - The profile design on the reamer is important for obtaining optimum finish and maximum tool life. Our applications engineers will select the profile best suited for your material, finish requirements and work-piece configuration.
  • Positive Rake Angle - This design feature enhances reamer performance and extends tool life, thereby reducing friction and permitting freer cutting.

Coolant-feed reamers lubricate and cool the cutting edges and provide exceptional chip disposal, resulting in increased productivity, longer tool life and lower tool costs.

The coolant-feed feature of Proto-Cutter reamers produces maximum chip-flushing action and is designed for use in blind-hole and through-hole reaming.

In blind-hole reaming, chip flushing and cooling are achieved simultneously. The coolant is fed through the reamer body, hits the end of the blind hole and is forced back through the flutes.

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